Additional Services

Additional Services

Computer Games:

Blend Audio have worked on a variety of computer game titles, including the award winning Dark Souls (from Software/Namco Bandai Games), Dark Souls II (from Software/Namco Bandai Games), Bloodborne (from Software/Sony Computer Entertainment) and LEGO: The Hobbit : The Video Game (Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment (WBIE).

We can provide a full casting service for as many characters as you require, from auditions to recording, handling each step of the process with the utmost professionalism and attention to detail. We have many times collaborated with Liquid Violet, based at Warner Brothers De Lane Lea in Soho and with Frognation.

International Services:

Blend Audio work with productions from across the world. We can coordinate the whole ADR process for your project in the UK.

We have strong, long term relationships with all post production facilities in the UK and many of the best technical talents in the industry. Our bespoke service caters to the needs of both English-speaking and international language projects.

We are experienced in working remotely with production teams in other parts of the world and always ensure that tests, samples, scripts and any other sensitive data is handled securely.