About Us

Blend Audio provides high quality individual ADR and loop group voice casting services to the film, television and video game industries, both in the UK and worldwide. Our experience in the field of post-production sync and broad vocal talent network can fulfil the needs of any project, whether big or small.

Blend Audio has worked on a diverse range of English-speaking and foreign language projects, offering a bespoke service to cater to each individual project’s needs. We have sourced speakers of a wide variety of languages and dialects from across the world, from Europe, to Somalia, to the Middle East, to South America. Take a look at our Map of where we have travelled.

Founder Vanessa Baker, formerly of Lyps Inc, is well known amongst the sound and voice acting community. Her extensive experience and knowledge of this niche area of post-production ensures that your project will be in safe hands.

Kay Smith has been with the company since 2014 and ensures a smooth running of the office at all times bringing together the different elements of the business. Whether it’s an enquiry or a booking, a personable approach welcomes you to Blend Audio.

Our Aim

Blend Audio is committed to providing high calibre voice talent essential for the specialized requirements of post-synching. Investing in appropriate vocal talent will save you time and money.

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